Final FRCR Part A Examination:
Tips for preparation

Explore our curated selection of FRCR books, designed to help you excel in your radiology journey. From anatomy to physics, modalities to subspecialties, we've got you covered with essential resources for acing your FRCR exams and advancing your radiological expertise.



Crack the Core

By Prometheus Lionhart M.D

“Crack the Core” is one of the most popular revision texts for the FRCR 2A. Most of the essential syllabus is covered in the book which is full of helpful tips and mnemonics.


Core Radiology

By Jacob Mandell

This is a good book for day-to-day reading as part of your core training. However, it isn’t as detailed as Crack the Core but does provide a good overview for the FRCR 2A and is quite expensive in comparison.


Radiology Review Manual

By Wolfgang F. Dahnert

This is the most comprehensive book available but it is far too detailed to be used as a primary text for the FRCR 2A. It is more useful as a reference to explore a topic further.


Fundamentals of Skeletal Radiology

By Helms

Known as the “pink book”. I didn’t use it but it is considered to be the best book for musculoskeletal radiology. It is a short book and so it should be relatively easy to read.

Single Best Answer / Multiple Choice Question Books

I used the following SBA / MCQ books for the Final FRCR Part 2A examinations. It is important to remember that these books do have errors so make sure
you double check answers with outside sources such as Radiopaedia.

Other books to consider


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