Aortic coarctation

Aortic coarctation is a condition which leads to narrowing of the aorta. This narrowing can occur anywhere along the aorta, …

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Bronchopulmonary sequestration

Pulmonary sequestration is a condition in which a mass of non-functioning lung tissue is present and does not communicate with …

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Takayasu Arteritis

Takayasu Arteritis is an autoimmune vasculitis that leads to inflammation of large blood vessels, particularly the aorta and it’s main …

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Neuroblastoma vs Wilms


Age: Less than 2  

  • Location: Adrenals (70%), Thorax (20%), Neck (5%) Associated with Beckwith – Widemann, NF 1 , DiGeorge syndrome, Hirschsprung disease 
  • Calcification in …

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